More About Doing Business In Pennsylvania As A Foreign Filed Corporation Or LLC.

Asset Protection With A Wyoming Llc Filed To Do Business In Pennsylvania

Business Privacy In Pennsylvania

Business Privacy In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania LLC’s don’t require an annual report.  Seeking to start a corporation in PA?  We can help you protect your interests from the public record.

Pennsylvania LLC’s don’t require an annual report.  Seeking to start a corporation in PA?  We can help you protect your interests from the public record.

  • You can title real estate into a Pennsylvania LLC and keep your name off the public record.
  • Own and control the company without connecting your name to the shelf company through public records. This is great for owning real estate in PA without attaching your name. When the closing documents are sent to the recorder of deeds office in your county, there are a myriad of companies seeking to glean information to sell at a later time. These database companies profit by revealing information about your assets. Neutralize their efforts by controlling your real estate through an LLC.

  • Can you incorporate an LLC in Pennsylvania? Yes.
  • Is it better to use an aged Wyoming LLC and file it into PA? Yes.
  • You’re the signer on the EIN application and the bank account. We provide a manager to protect you from the public record.
Pafilings Shelf Company Uses-Pafilings
Pafilings Shelf Company Uses-Pafilings

Many Employers Aren’t Happy When You Start An Part-Time Online Business.

  • Are you concerned about your employer finding out about an investment, your new website, or your business idea? We’ll provide you a manager for the public record to protect your interests and your privacy.
  • The best time to start a new business is when you’re employed full-time. This relieves the financial pressure from living expenses. And further, you’re able to listen to your customers and do what’s in their best interests. As long as you’re not taking customers from your employer, you’re doing the right thing for your family and for you. Continue your best during work hours as you start your business when not at work.
  • Did you sign a non-complete with your employer? Would you like to open a business in the same industry but without undercutting your employer? We can help you run the company so you’re name is not attached to the public record. Although you will be the applicant for the EIN and the signer on the bank account, your name will be protected from the public record. Only the IRS and the bank will know of your interest in the company.

How Do You Order An Aged Shelf Company?

  • We send a list of our aged shelf companies.

  • Pick an aged shelf company from the list. We’ll send a custom order form.

  • Please complete the order form and return with your credit card information. We’ll process the payment.
  • We email you the company documents within 24 hours. Everything you need to do business is in that email. We also mail out the paper documents through the USPS Priority Mail, Signature Confirmation.

Start today and avail shelf company advantages

After receiving the company documents by email and by mail, you apply for the EIN of the company using your name and Social Security Number, and open the bank account under your name. You show ID to the bank in opening the account. The information you provide to the IRS and the bank doesn’t hit the public record., your name doesn’t hit the public record.

Pafilings Shelf Company Uses-Pafilings

Why Use A Wyoming Company In Pennsylvania?

Wyoming offers  the additional advantage of a stronger corporate veil, enhanced protection and a prohibition against foreclosing on your LLC membership interest.  Pennsylvania doesn’t offer the same protections.  We also provide a Manager for the LLC upon request.  For $250 to $500 a year, we also provide a Manager who will assist with closings in buying and selling real estate.  Keep your name off the public record as you control the asset without injecting your name into the public eye.  You can also enjoy this privacy when filing the Wyoming LLC into Pennsylvania as a foreign LLC.

Wyoming prohibits foreclosure of a member’s LLC interest.  By filing your Wyoming company into Pennsylvania, you take advantage of those additional protections afforded by Wyoming.  Once the Wyoming company is filed to do business in Pennsylvania, the Wyoming LLC has the same rights and responsibilities as any Pennsylvania LLC.  That also means the Wyoming LLC must also pay whatever licenses and taxes as required in Pennsylvania.  Please see a tax adviser on paying your federal and Pennsylvania taxes.

Building Business Credit?

When building business credit, you need to be the person on public record. Banks and other financial institutions want to be certain that you have the authority to sign for the loan. That means you must be the Manager on the public record.

What If You Prefer To File A Pennsylvania Company? Can I File A New Company In Pa?

Yes, we also file companies in Pennsylvania. We’ll show you how to save money and serve as your own registered agent in PA. Or, we’ll find a Pennsylvania registered agent.

Do We File Aged Shelf Companies In Pennsylvania?

No. The PA Department of Revenue requires annual tax returns and the county and municipal business licenses in PA are expensive annual costs. This prohibits us from providing a reasonably priced shelf company from Pennsylvania. That’s why you’re better off with an out-of-state company filed in PA as a foreign corporation.

Increased Asset Protection

By acquiring a Wyoming LLC and filing it into Pennsylvania, you’re able to take advantage of specific protections not offered in PA:

Wyoming has a prohibition on the foreclosure of a member’s LLC interest.

Wyoming 17-29-503. Charging order.

(g) This section provides the exclusive remedy by which a person seeking to enforce a judgment against a judgment debtor, including any judgment debtor who may be the sole member, dissociated member or transferee, may, in the capacity of the judgment creditor, satisfy the judgment from the judgment debtor’s transferable interest or from the assets of the limited liability company. Other remedies, including foreclosure on the judgment debtor’s limited liability interest and a court order for directions, accounts and inquiries that the judgment debtor might have made are not available to the judgment creditor attempting to satisfy a judgment out of the judgment debtor’s interest in the limited liability company and may not be ordered by the court.

Pennsylvania doesn’t offer this protection. But you can acquire a Wyoming LLC and file it into Pennsylvania. We provide a Manager for the LLC who will look after the interests of the members. Combined with a virtual office address, anyone on the street will not find any public record connection between your name and the company. And therefore, they won’t find any public record connection to your name.

You maintain control of the company. Your interests are reported on your personal income tax return and the income tax return of the LLC. You’re the signer on the bank account. In the way we design the company, you’re in control even with someone else on public record as the manager.

We work with your attorney to protect assets and limit your liability.

Pafilings Shelf Company Uses-Pafilings

Sign Customers With An Aged Company. Build A Business.

Starting a business with an aged shelf company boosts your chances of signing customers based on the company’s date of incorporation. Customers commonly ask, “How long have you been in business?” With an aged shelf company you can truthfully answer, “I’ve been in the industry for X years. I bought an existing company that was filed in 2015.” The age of the company can be verified with the PA Department of State.

Customers are nervous about doing business with a company that will rip them off. For this reason, they avoid doing business with new companies that freshly incorporated. Set your customers at ease. As you sign your customers under the name of your aged company, fill your promises and obligations, develop that relationship and earn those referrals. Your business start-up time is compressed because your sales to close ratio is higher, and you’re busier filling orders rather than prospecting.

Pafilings Shelf Company Uses-Pafilings

Start Bold And Strong

You won’t be able to set your customers at ease by starting with a brand new company. If someone came to your house to provide you with a remodeling estimate, and their company started last month, would you pay them? Would you expect to sign the order? That’s why starting your business with an aged shelf company results in real progress and you can consider us by contacting us. Make promises and make them come true. But if your customers don’t buy over fear of making a bad decision, then you won’t get your chance to make it happen. Start strong with an aged shelf company and get benefited from pafilings shelf company uses. Become successful with a boost from an aged shelf company filed into Pennsylvania.

When you absolutely, positively need to do business in Pennsylvania, do it with an aged shelf company from