Build Your Business With A California Shelf Company

For Entrepreneurs That Must Do Business From California. Start Time In Business With An Aged California Shelf Company Filed Into California

Aged Shelf Company and File in California, Seven Years Old, For About $1900 plus CA state fees

California Shelf Company-californiashelfcompany

How to build corporate credit in California with an aged shelf company.

  • Need a lease for your business? Time in business is a significant factor in obtaining a lease for retail space, industrial space, or office space.
  • Seeking business credit? Time in business should be at least two years of age at the minimum. The company should be at least three years of age.

  • Looking to overcome sales objections? Don’t let your business be treated as a “lesser” because it’s new. Rather, start with an aged company for years of time in business.
  • Want to compete with established competitors? You need an aged shelf company.

  • Time in business is a significant issue in sales and marketing.
  • Open bidding opportunities.

What’s available and at what pricing?

All of our companies are unused, clean, litigation-free, and debt-free.

  • 2017 Shelf Company $1400
  • 2016 Shelf Company $1500
  • 2015 Shelf Company $1600
  • 2007 Shelf Company $2395

Don’t pay too much for an aged shelf company.

  • Stop donating money to your local incorporator. Keep the difference and take someone out to dinner. The difference is enough for a cruise for two. Why not go to the Bahamas!
  • Buy a good clean shelf company for $1400.00, and then file that company into California.

  • The incorporators don’t deserve the money. $3000 is way too much for a three year old shelf company, in any state.
California Shelf Company-californiashelfcompany
California Shelf Company-californiashelfcompany

Don’t buy a shelf company that was initially filed in California. Why?

California is a political, economic and legal mess from end to end. They tax you to death and they don’t protect your property rights. In fact, they look after the lawyers in California rather than the business owners. Proof:

  • California lawyers promote incorporating in California Shelf Companies.

  • California lawyers routinely attack the corporate veil of California companies. This means that the lawyers set aside the company, as if its not there, to go after your person assets. What’s their goal? Lawyers seek to collect after your personal assets as well as the assets in the company.
  • The California Franchise Tax Board charges over $800 per year for any corporation or LLC doing business in California.
  • California has no money. They are a mess. They have long wait lines to file anything.

Don’t start your business with an aged California company! Buying a shelf company from California means you are paying the previous years’ filing fees AND the premium for its age. Since the California state filing fees, and maintenance fees are super high, this means the cost of the California shelf company will be astronomical. We are about to explain how to obtain a low cost shelf company and then file it in California, if that’s where you intend to do business.

If you buy a shelf company that was initially filed in California, you are unwittingly doing the following:

Don’t spend too much money for a California shelf company! Why spend $3000 – $8000? Spend $1400 for a clean, ready-to-go, four year old shelf company and then file it in California. The age will be respected and you don’t need to deal with back fees with the California Franchise Tax Board.

California Shelf Company (bad idea)

The company was initially filed in California.  The incorporator is going to charge you for the following:

  • Previous years’ filing fees.
  • Risk premium of $1000 per year for every year the company was in good standing.
  • This means you may up paying $3000 for a three (3) year old shelf company.
  • Sellers of shelf companies in California usually didn’t file with the CA Franchise Tax Board. That means you’ll be smacked with penalties for filing “late.”
  • A California shelf company with an EIN is the worst situation. This means the CA franchise tax board and the State of CA will charge penalties, interest and will subject you to high rates of audit.

  • The seller didn’t pay the CA Franchise Tax Board? After you buy the company, the franchise tax board may suspend the company for non-payment.
  • The sellers of CA shelf companies don’t file county or municipal business licenses. This means the company is in arrears by the time you buy it.

An Out-Of-State Company Filed in California

This is the best option. Obtain an out-of-state shelf company, where the annual maintenance fees are lower. Then file the company in California. The result is the following:

  • You acquire a twelve year old company starting for $2295.
  • The total accumulated filing fees that are passed onto to you is much lower.  This means a lower quote on the shelf company that you pay.

  • Less risk for the seller, which means that you can acquire a California shelf company for even less.

  • This is much less than the $3000 to $5000 that others will quote you.
  • Apply for the EIN right after you acquire the company, then file the company in CA, and then file with the CA Franchise Tax Board. No problem. You remain compliant, no back taxes, no penalties, and no interest to pay.

The Result?

  • You’re able to compete against established competitors in your area.
  • Land contracts and sign sales quicker and easier, with less objections and more credibility.
  • Increase revenue into the business bank account.

  • Easier financing.
  • Pay less than obtaining an aged Shelf Corporations in California.  This leaves more money for marketing, research, organization, or family. California will recognize the out-of-state company just the same as any company that was initially filed in California. Your benefits are the same while paying much less for the total cost of the company. And there’s no risk of penalties and interest when acquiring an out of state company that you’ll file in CA.

  • More secure corporate veil.
California Shelf Company-californiashelfcompany

Business Name:

  • One of the primary reasons for loan application rejections is the absence of the legally registered business name, principal names, and business address as indicated in state documents.
  • It is important to ensure consistency in the company’s records, certificates, and bank accounts, maintaining the same name throughout.
  • If your business operates in a high-risk market, the company name itself may pose difficulties. Risk, in this context, typically refers to a higher likelihood of workplace injuries or a business that conducts a greater volume of cash transactions compared to other companies.
  • Whenever possible, it is advisable to avoid incorporating a business name that directly associates with a high-risk industry.
  • To identify industries considered high risk by lenders, conducting an online search for “HIGH RISK NAIC CODES” or “HIGH RISK SIC CODES” can provide relevant information.

Business Phone Numbers:

  • Tie the business phone number to the business name and the business address. Don’t connect the phone number to your name. It must be connected to the business name.
  • The most preferable type of business phone number is a genuine physical business phone number acquired through a dedicated business phone line.
  • If you have a retail establishment and can install a business phone line, it is considered the most dependable form of business phone number.
  • It is not uncommon for a new business number to be obtained when a company expands its operations to a different state or files as a foreign corporation/LLC in another state.
  • Lenders perceive toll-free or 800 numbers as indicative of a company’s reputation and credibility.
  • It is strongly advised against using personal mobile phone numbers or home phone numbers as business phone numbers.
  • An alternative option for a business phone number is Voice over IP (VoIP), which can be obtained from providers like Freedom Voice or Ringcentral, and is easily accessible.
  • Once you acquire a company phone number, it is recommended to obtain a fax number as well, as lenders consider companies with fax numbers to be more reliable.
  • A fax number is necessary for receiving important documents and transmitting credit applications via fax.
  • Services like Freedom Voice and Ringcentral offer fax numbers at a reasonable cost, which can be aligned with your business’s phone number.
  • Until your business phone number is established, it is advisable to acquire a toll-free number.
California Shelf Company-californiashelfcompany

411 Listings

  • Many lenders and credit providers won’t communicate to new business owners that their company phone number should be listed in 411 directories.
  • The business owner carries the responsibility to register with 411.
  • The absence of a startup business in 411 listings typically implies to lenders that the company is already established and developed.
  • To obtain a 411 entry, it is necessary for your phone number to be publicly accessible on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • To acquire a 411 listing quickly and easily, you can visit
  • Make sure you have the business address set up in the name of the business and the phone tied to the business address and the business name.
California Shelf Company-californiashelfcompany

Company Website

  • Having a professional business website is crucial for the success and growth of your company.
  • If you acquire an aged shelf company, you can utilize an existing internet domain that is redirected to a new domain, which also gives the impression of an established business.
  • It is important for your company’s website domain to be either or
  • It is advisable to avoid using website builders like Wix or Weebly and instead opt for hosting services from companies like GoDaddy.
  • Make sure that your company is listed on popular search engines such as Yelp, Citysearch, Zagat, and 411 directories.
  • Implementing Stable Sockets Layer (SSL), a common encryption technology, can provide a secure connection between your server and clients.
  • Regularly updating your website’s architecture, backlinks, and practices gives credit issuers a better understanding of your company’s reputation.
  • To establish trustworthiness, your company’s website should accept various credit card firms. • The principles listed on the website must align with the public records maintained by the Secretary of State.
  • Including seals such as McAfee, Verisign, and TrustE on your company’s website is important. In the twenty-first century, a strong social media presence is essential for any company.
  • Your company’s social media reputation is evaluated based on factors such as endorsements, scores, check-ins, news reports, web engagement, shares, and followers.

Public Record Disclosures

  • It is essential to verify that all relevant authorities, including the State, IRS, banks, and national directories like 411, have your company identified with the exact legal name.
  • Ensure that any documents or bills you receive, such as internet or rent bills, accurately display your business name and are sent to the correct business address.
  • Obtain any necessary licenses for operating your company from the Secretary of State’s office.
  • The Secretary of State’s office can provide valuable information, such as whether ongoing education is required to maintain your license.
  • The information on the business loan application must match what’s on the public record, the telephone registration, the website disclosures.
  • The person signing the business loan application must match the person disclosed on the public record, and the business licenses.
California Shelf Company-californiashelfcompany

Assumed Business Name/trade Name/DBA

  • DBA stands for Doing Business As, indicating the use of a false or assumed business name.
  • If your company name is occupied in the state where you seek to qualify (foreign file into another state), then that state will provide a free DBA. If the original company name is available to file into California (foreign file), then you must file the DBA if desired.
  • In California, the DBA is filed in the county where the business will be located. You should obtain the business address and the phone number in the original business name and DBA. Then obtain the business address, phone number of the business, and other contacts to include the original name of the business and the DBA.
  • Don’t change the name of the business! This may reset the respected age of the company to zero. If you don’t like the original name of the company, file the DBA.
  • It’s best to know the DBA before you apply for the EIN, or open accounts. If you decide to obtain the DBA later, that’s fine. It’s not a problem. You will then file IRS form 8822b about the DBA, update the bank, the business virtual office, and the business phone line, to include the DBA name with the original company name. These sources must know of the DBA before you file for a business loan or apply for business credit involving the DBA.
  • Employing a DBA suggests expanding into a new market or territory.
  • A DBA is a registered name different from the legal name under which a corporation operates. • Some states require business owners to register a DBA to safeguard their customers.
  • If your current company is not a legal corporation, you cannot select a name that implies it is an LLC.
  • The ownership or liability of a partnership or sole proprietorship remains unaffected by a DBA. • While a DBA can assist with banking and branding, the business owner’s assets remain vulnerable to lawsuits and creditors.
  • Companies may opt for a DBA to expand their interests in new products, services, or brands. • Unregistered businesses, such as sole proprietorships or partnerships, may use a DBA to operate under a different name.
  • The main advantage of a DBA is that it enables formal business entities to establish multiple brands or lines of business under one LLC or company.
  • Rather than changing the primary legal business name, a DBA can be used to rebrand an LLC or corporation.
  • When filing for a DBA as a corporation or LLC, proof of good standing is often required.

What States Should I Consider When Buying the  Shelf corporation?

Obtain a  Shelf corporation from a state that requires a low annual filing fee to maintain the company, respects your property rights, and doesn’t require disclosure of the owners of the company on public record. Montana corporations are ideal. The annual filing fee is $20 per year. The New Mexico LLC’s work great in California as well. There’s no annual fee for a NM LLC.